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Beginning in 1985 with an information service, Federal Financial Analytics has steadily increased its proprietary consulting to identify emerging strategic opportunities and M&A considerations in the U.S. and global regulatory framework, working also on issues arising as this framework presents unanticipated or unintended consequences. We serve as a think-tank for our clients as we review critical federal and global policy developments in banking, insurance, asset management, and mortgage finance. We analyze complex issues in depth and then extract from these analytics critical decisions for boards of directors, senior management, and our clients active in private equity and M&A. We always keep our eye not only on client concerns, but also on the broader policy context. The firm works to protect clients from the range of risks that result from insufficient anticipation or analysis of global and U.S. policy. Because financial services firms are particularly vulnerable to risk from new laws and revised regulations, we ensure that strategic planning and risk management take full account of current and emerging risks through business-line analytics, quarterly board updates, transaction analytics for long-term value, and policy analytics identifying the results of pending governmental actions.




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